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The Key to Jail is BAIL

Bail Bonds in Casper, Wyoming

We Are Here For You

I started this business from scratch and worked from the ground up to learn the business and the court systems. I fought cases through the district courts on rules and regulations of bail bonds. A bail bond is a must appear (helps them get out of jail to go to work, be with family, etc. and keep life going). Courts usually want to forfeit bonds because of compliance instead of appearance. I’ve been to the Supreme Court to fight for the people in Wyoming. I’ve also been featured in “On The Hunt” where my friend’s dog and Beth came to help me do a couple bounties in August 2014.


If you are in need of bail bonds in Casper, Wyoming, you need not worry! I’m a licensed bail bonds agent in the region who can bail you (or another person) out with minimum hassle and in quick time. We keep your privacy private, and everything can be managed discreetly. Payment plans are often available depending on the situation.  For high bonds if you don’t have collateral or enough collateral – we do offer GPS ankle monitors and alcohol testing.  Call us at 307-265-2730 for more information.  

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Find Action Bail Bonds On Facebook Address:
630 E A St
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Phone: (307) 265-2730
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We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Check